Asbestos decontamination of commercial lagging & roof space

To comply with their lawful requirements, our client had a Management Survey conducted on their commercial building. The survey found historic cross contamination in the roof space from pipe lagging.

Savy Enviro were happy to assist with this large project, carrying out careful removal of pipe lagging and a substantial roof space decontamination.

As this was a live environment with staff continuing to work in the building below us, our team had measures in place to ensure the health and safety of all on site. The project came with its challenges – NPU’s needing to be craned onto the roof, setting up of huge enclosures, working around obstacles such as wiring, cables, ducting and framing and the need for some creative methodologies in order to reach inaccessible areas to name a few. We took it all in our stride and were pleased with the result for our client.