FAQ's about Asbestos Removal

Some questions we often get asked regarding our Asbestos Removal & Asbestos Testing services.
1What areas do you service?
Our asbestos removal services are available to people all across the greater Auckland area. We are mobile asbestos removal specialists and come out to your site to test, remove and dispose of any asbestos.
2Can I remove asbestos myself?
We do not recommend removing entire sheets of asbestos yourself unless you are well trained to do so. You can, however, scrape some off to have it tested. Check out our DIY Asbestos Removal Guide.
3How much will Asbestos Removal cost?
This depends on a few factors such as how much Asbestos needs removing, what the current state of the asbestos is i.e. is it compacted and easy to remove or is it brittle and needs special care. It also depends on whether access to the Asbestos laden area is easy or whether we'll need special access such as scaffolding to get to the particular areas. In general, prices start from $50/m2. Call us to get a more accurate quote.
4Since asbestos was banned, do I need to be worried about products on the market today containing asbestos?
Building materials these days do not run the risk of containing Asbestos as it was banned as a building material in NZ in the 90s. However if you're looking at a house that was recently renovated, you should still have it checked just in case the renovator stockpiled old building material and used it during the renovation.
5Is there still asbestos in automobile brakes?
It is possible that some aftermarket brakes, especially imported brakes, may still contain asbestos.
6Where can I find someone to remove the asbestos in my home?
You can perform an internet search for “asbestos contractor” and the location of your home. Contact your state to determine what state training and accreditation requirements may exist for both the contractor and their workers. EPA recommends that you use an asbestos contractor that is properly trained to handle asbestos.
7What does the law say regarding Asbestos and Asbestos Removal?
The government safety site: https://worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/asbestos/ is an excellent resource to find out more about the legalities and safety practices surrounding Asbestos Removal in NZ
8Do I need to order a skip to take away the Asbestos?
No, as part of our Asbestos removal service we also include an Asbestos disposal service where we take the material away for safe disposal at certified disposal stations.
9How long will the removal process take?
This depends on the amount of material that is to be removed as well as the ease of access to the removal area. Generally, it can take half a day to remove the Asbestos but in some cases where a lot of it is present, it can take multiple days. We will be able to tell you how long it will take upon sighting the task.

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